Virginia Tech Seat Selection Guide

Reseating 2024

This online process puts the selection of ticket and parking locations directly in the hands of Hokie Club members and season ticket holders. To expedite your selection, please read these important notes and reminders below.

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Lane Stadium, Cassell Coliseum & Parking Maps

As previously announced, both Lane Stadium and Cassell Coliseum will be renumbered in 2024 to improve fan navigation on gameday.

Important Notes and Reminders

This online process puts the selection of ticket and parking locations directly in the hands of Hokie Club members and season ticket holders. To expedite your selection, please read these important notes and reminders:


A reminder that 2024-25 is a FULL reseating year and locations for all eligible sports (Football, Men's Basketball, Women's Basketball) will be selected during the same process/timeline.









The Online Selection Process Step-by-Step

Carefully read the guidelines on this page and review your selection email regarding the online process. Knowing how the system works will help make your seat and parking selection smoother.

Familiarize yourself with these steps and learn how to choose your seating and parking. If you have any questions, please contact a member of our team.

Ballena Seat Selection - Step 1 Ballena Seat Selection - Step 2 Ballena Seat Selection - Step 5 Ballena Seat Selection - Step 6 Ballena Seat Selection - Step 7 Ballena Seat Selection - Step 9 Ballena Seat Selection - Step 10
  1. Log In
    Login using your Email Address and your previously selected password. Once logged in, hover over My Account and click Manage My Account. The Seat Selection Site will be under Upgrade Opportunities.
  2. Watch the Instructional Video
    Take a few minutes to watch the instructional video explaining the online selection process. This video will show how to monitor the selection process and make your selections quickly when your appointment time arrives.
  3. Find Your Cart
    Your "Shopping Cart" for Seats and Parking will appear on each subsequent page. Because 2024 is a full reseating year your shopping cart will initially appear empty. You will notice that if you ordered and qualified for a parking pass, there is an empty slot for your parking selection in the cart as well. New customers ordering tickets and/or parking for the first time will simply see a slot for each item ordered.
  4. Go to the Map
    When you have watched the video, checked out your "Shopping Cart", and reviewed the documentation, click the "View Available Seats & Parking" link to access an interactive map of Lane Stadium. When you log in, you will notice that some seats are already selected. As you can imagine, there are multiple groups that we must account for in Lane Stadium including, but not limited to, families of student-athletes, athletics department staff members, corporate partners, predetermined contracts, campus administrative needs, recruits, ADA seating, pioneer accounts, students, visiting team seat locations, etc. We do our best to minimize the impact of these predetermined locations and appreciate your understanding.
  5. Zoom in for Details
    From the interactive map, you can click on a seating area to narrow the map's presentation. You can also click on a specific section for a detailed map of that section. If you hold your cursor over a section, information on that section will appear in the Information Box. The map used to select parking can be found by clicking the "PARKING" link at the top of the interactive map screen, which will show available parking lots on the 3D map of campus. By holding your cursor over a parking lot, information about that lot will appear in the Information Box. If you click on a reserved space lot (Zone A), then a detailed map of that lot will be displayed allowing you to select an available reserved space. For general admission lots (Zones B & C), no detail is available as all spaces are determined on a first come, first served basis on game days. Clicking on a general admission lot will assign your parking space in that lot.
  6. Find Your Seats
    The section detail shows all seats in a section. Green dots represent available seats. Red dots represent seats that have been selected by other patrons. Seats you have selected will be blue.
  7. Check Out the View
    You can see panoramic seat views by clicking on the "Seat View" icon in the appropriate areas. You can see adjoining sections by clicking on the "Go To" buttons at the top of the section image. You can return to the overhead view of the stadium by clicking on the "Back to Overhead" link at the top of the section image.
  8. Make Your Selection for Seats & Parking
    Your "Shopping Cart" for Seats and Parking appears at the left side of the screen along with your appointment time. When your appointment time begins you will be prompted to begin your selections for the upcoming season. Because 2024 is a reseating year, all individuals must select seats and parking.

    To select your seats, click on the "Seats" tab at the top of the screen. Once your seats are selected, continue to the "Parking" tab, and select your parking location. Click on any available green dots to have the seats added to your cart. On the confirmation screen you will have the option to review your selections for both seats and parking and make any adjustments you wish.

    Note: Regular season tickets can only be selected in regular seating areas, and club seats can only be selected in the appropriate club seating areas.

    Note: For parking, regular car passes can only be selected in car spaces and RV spaces can only be selected in RV spaces.
  9. Lock Your Selection
    Once your shopping cart is "full", finalize your selection by clicking "Submit Selection". This will prompt you through a series of confirmation screens.

    In reseating years, and for all new customers, the new seats and parking will appear under the "New Selections" area of the confirmation screens. Simple follow the confirmation prompts to checkout.

    On the final confirmation screen all customers will "Approve Selections". NOTE: Once you "Approve Selections" you have one more step to complete checkout.
  10. You're All Done
    NOTE: All customers must finish checkout to lock in the seats and/or parking you have selected.

    If the ticket cost or donation required for the seats and/or parking you selected is less than or equal to the balance owed for the items, no additional money will be collected. You will need to finish the checkout process to lock in the seats and/or parking by clicking the "Place Your Order" button seen below.

    If the ticket cost or donation required for the seats and/or parking is greater than the total balance previously paid for the seats and/or parking you have selected, you will need to pay for the upgrade during the checkout process. If you purchased your tickets as part of a billing plan, any additional cost due at checkout will be added to the billing plan.

    Once checkout is complete, you will receive an email confirmation of your seat selection and any payment. Simply click on the "Place Your Order" button, seen below, to finalize the transaction.

Thank you for being a ticket member and participating in the seat selection process. Hokie Nation continues to provide the BEST home field advantage in college athletics and our teams cannot wait to start jumping with you. Go Hokies!